Everything you need to know about organic cotton

Even though cotton has been part of our lives for ages, the word "organic" has only recently entered our daily vocabulary.
Learn why it differs from conventional cotton and its benefits.

organic cotton

Organic. Better, but why?

Organic agricultural production leaves out pesticides and other chemicals used in conventional agriculture. Thus, the cultivation of organic cotton is environmentally and economically beneficial and better for our health when compared to the cultivation of regular cotton.

The benefits

  1. The absence of pesticides in the production of organic cotton helps to maintain the soil's vitality. Pest control is made through the introduction of specific predatory species.
  2. Synthetic fertilizers are no longer needed, which leads to lower water consumption.
  3. Prevents agricultural communities from developing diseases related to chemical exposure.

Conscious and responsible consumption

Organic cotton production has been growing in recent years. That's thanks to consumers' increased concern about the environmental and human impact of traditional agriculture, leading brands to adopt a more sustainable attitude.
Next time you buy cotton products, favour brands that use organic cotton. You will certainly be making your best contribution.
Organic cotton, naturally. Here's a great slogan... 

- By António Rafael Freitas